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Price1,530 AED ( $416.553 )
Posted on18 January 2017

The Ozone Method is a kite for anyone who is looking for the speed of a high performance kite, the stability of a beginner kite and yet handles like a sports car! It's your perfect next level engine for taking your traction kiting sports such as buggying or landboarding to new heights!

The Ozone Method has reduced line drag to a minimum with extensive use of diagonal bridles. Ozone have also worked on the sail tension to maintain a clean leading edge allowing the Method to produce good speed and still keep it very stable.

The aspect ratio is not over stretched and keeps the Ozone Method compact with a solid feeling without losing any speed. For users of the hugely successful Ozone Flow, the Method will feel it has a faster turn rate and it is quicker through the air therefore generating more power per size!

If you want to go fast and maintain good up wind ability without having to concentrate on the kite all the time you will find the Ozone Method perfect! Just about anyone with four line handle experience can fly this kite, it’s just easy and feels smooth and solid!

The Ozone Method not only flys well with four line handles but also flys exceptionally well with the Ozone Fixed Bridle or Turbo control bar, making it an excellent option for a performance landboarding kite, or for riders who prefer to use a bar.

No matter your level of four line kiting, the Ozone Method is supremely easy to use with mountains of performance to get you moving in a buggy, on a land board or just getting dragged along in the sand.

The Ozone Method is available in 5 sizes from 2.3 metres squared to 6.5 metres, which covers a huge wind range enabling you to get out kiting in almost all conditions.

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