Airush Sector V6 54

StatusFor sale
SellerMich B
Seller's phone0506949312
Price1,900 AED ( $517.288 )
Posted on26 January 2017

The Airush Sector is the original, best known and most highly rated free-race directional board within the industry. The Sector introduces the concept of a carving configuration in smaller sizes, while ensuring that all sizes can be used competitively in open racing formats such as slalom, long distanca and racing.

The Sector V6 has the light wind and upwind ability of a Race board, but rides like a surfboard. Unlike a race board, it's easy plug and play riding means you can hold of LOT of power using the rails of the board - you don't have to sail it flat, and they carve in the same manner (like surfboards). Foot loading is even also allowing you to can ride them for hours without tiring your back leg.

Great condition. Only used a few times.

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