Wainmann Hawaii punch 10.5m 2017

StatusFor sale
SellerFred Giot
Seller's phone0504624456
Price1,000 AED500 AED ( $136.147 )
Posted on5 December 2020

Kite only 2017 in mild shape.

As an all-round versatile machine the Punch performs very well indeed. It’s a great freeride kite, offering big boosted jumps with good hangtime on the way down. It actually turns surprisingly quickly for its size.

As a wave kite it’s pretty good, although arguably this size isn't the best for waves the drift is actually excellent and for down the line cross-offshore riding it behaves really well. When the wind is cross-on and you have to move the kite around a little bit it does need to be trimmed and flown to get the most out of it.

In terms of who this kite will suit, it has a lot of applications: it’s stable enough to be used by an entry level rider, yet packs in the performance for the advanced freeriders and wave riders out there too. Re-launch is good, these kites have a very curved leading edge that doesn’t stick to the water so it’s easy to get back up in the air should you crash it.

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