New 12m Slingshot Rally GT V1 model 2020/1 with Bar 20" x 20m lines plus 3m extension

Sellergeorges sfeir
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Price5,000 AED ( $1,361.47 )
Posted on8 January 2022

The NEW Rally GT is the evolution of our most popular and versatile freeride crossover kite. With a distinctly different outline than prior years, the Rally GT has been redesigned to better fill the position in our lineup as the true all-riders, all-conditions, one-kite-wonder. A NEW three-strut canopy design, lower aspect ratio and stubby, swept wingtips give it playfully quick steering and response with ginormous wind range and depower. The relaunch on this kite takes little more than the flick of a wrist, then sheet and go with super smooth power delivery. While our other kites gravitate toward a specific condition or discipline of riding, the Rally GT is designed to be the golden child of our lineup- good at everything, bad at none.
+ NEW Three-strut canopy is lighter, more agile and responsive
+ NEW Segmented swept wingtips
+ NEW For 2020, the redesigned Rally GT is more versatile and user-friendly than ever
+ NEW 4x4 Canopy Tech - The strongest and stiffest material on the market
+ The ultimate all-around crossover kite
+ Lighter, faster, more range and depower, easier relaunch than prior Rally models
+ Boosts, loops, drifts, unhooks - this kite does it all
+ The most well-behaved kite in our lineup, inspires confidence and progression
Package includes: NEW Rally GT kite, NEW kite bag, QSG, bladder patch kit,
replacement IRS bungee

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