Gin Marabou 9m with bar

StatusFor sale
SellerBenoit Rochegude
Seller's phone0509002755
Price2,500 AED ( $680.735 )
Posted on8 March 2020

Gin Marabou 9m Blueberry with Gin&Tonic v3 52cm bar

new: 4300 AED
For sale: 2500 AED

perfect condition. No Scratch, no holes. As new. Perfect kite to learn foiling as it is the most stable kite i have ever tried. It will stay up with close to no wind. Can also be used to TT or Snowkite.

Single-surface kite with closed-cell leading edge construction
Innovative construction: 70% of the surface cannot sink!
Minimal size and super lightweight
Outstanding size-to-power ratio
Excellent stability, depower and manoeuvrability
Easy relaunch
Accessibility and ease of use
Exceptional light wind performance
The hybrid single-surface and closed-cells construction of the MARABOU makes you enter a new dimension. Whether on a foil board, twintip or surfboard, you’ll benefit from an exceptionally small and light kite that generates extraordinary power. Equipped with incredible stability, the MARABOU is an intuitive and easy-to-use foil kite.

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