Slingshot SX 131

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Price990 AED ( $269.571 )
Posted on26 August 2012

• FRT*: Future Response Technology
• Step down side wall construction
• Twin tip shape
• Rounded tip angle
• Constant curve rocker
• Shallow concave
• Made in the windy Gorge, USA
• Slingshot legendary construction
• Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership
* Patent pending

• Even flex that rebounds into insane
energy and pop. Also makes the core
light weight and strong.
• Increased edging.
• For effortless switch riding.
• Loose “skate” feel in the turns
• Overall comfort and suspension
• Provides bite on the rail and water.
• Produced in our back yard.
• Bomber quality.

The SX is the ideal board for the rider who wants to progress and build a solid
foundation for their kiteboarding skills. Advantages such as even flex, energy and pop
allow for effortless freeridng and fun.

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