Complete Foil kite Board and schoolmast set Slingshot Hover Glide NF2 and Alien Air 2017 for beginner and advanced rider

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Posted on15 November 2019

Tired of sitting at the beach and waiting for the wind to pick up?
This bargain could increase your time on the water significantly :-)

The Alien Air board is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, beautifully made and with plenty of volume to make it easy to ride when not on the foil. There is also a lot of width in the rear of the board again keeping things stable when off the foil.
The package includes a 35.5-inch mast, a set of 3 school masts for faster learning, a board and wings fuselage. It’s all very well put together.


• User-friendly foil you can learn on but won’t outgrow 
• Agile & playful foil that planes early & has a medium top-end speed 
Perfect for beginners and advanced learning new manovers
• Durable aluminum, composite construction 
• Segmented design for easy set-up & breakdown 
• Foil in shallower water w/ four different mast lengths to choose from (38/61/76/90cm)
• Affordable replacement parts if needed 

Hover Glide Foil: The Hover Glide is an all-around freeride foil with a versatile performance profile and aluminum and composite construction, making this the most well-rounded and robust foil on the market. The Hover Glide is also the exclusive foil for Slingshots progressive multi-mast Foiling Flight School program for user-friendly foil progression.
Refined by legendary Slingshot designer and foiling aficionado, Tony Logosz, the Hover Glide is a high-performance foil that delivers early takeoff, stable handling and smooth maneuverability. With decades of R&D experience and an intimate knowledge of foil dynamics, Logosz is an authority in foil design.
He developed the Hover Glide for all-around performance freeriding, using aluminum mast and fuselage and composite components that make this the most affordable and robust foil of its class and caliber on the market. The Hover Glide features a 35.5-inch mast and a classic front-J gullwing shape with swept wings, mild winglets off the front and arching rear wings. The result is an incredibly stable foil with a medium top-end speed and a solid all-around feel. It can be mounted on any of Slingshot’s foil-specific boards and features separate fuselage and wing components that can be broken-down into three parts for easy storage/transport and replaced if needed.

Foiling Flight School program: The program allows newcomers to start with a shorter, more manageable mast and progress in length as their skills progress. This is a guaranteed system that will take much of the pain, frustration and intimidation out of learning to foil.

Slingshot Flight School Masts
This industry-first program suddenly makes learning to foil as easy as 1, 2, 3. Foiling Flight School is a simple do-it-yourself learning tool consisting of three separate masts of incremental lengths- 15” (38cm), 24” (61cm) and 30” (76cm). Choose individual sizes or as a package. Foiling Flight School is designed to work exclusively with our complete Hover Glide foil, which comes stock with a 35.5” (90cm) mast.

• Learn to properly handle your foil board on and off the water.
• TAXI your board and a lock in on the feeling the first day.
• Insure safety and confidence each step of the way.
• Learn TOUCH AND GOES with ease and control.
• Put it all together in SOLO mode and start experiencing flight.
• No Fear, No Stress.
• Learn at your own pace.
• Added Value: Optimize your foil mast length based on local conditions (low tide)

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