Raceboard RRD K65

Sellerbernd verhoeven
Seller's phone0504567416
Price2,700 AED1,800 AED ( $490.129 )
Posted on3 October 2012

A real racehorse, and accordingly not so easy to ride. But speed an upwind performance even in light winds are outstanding.

Have been arround Dubai World Islands from Kitebeach in about 1h.
Super Upwind performance and amazing speed.

Mustafa won the UAE 2012 Al Gharbia Race with the same board ahead of hydrofoils.
And it was the most successfull board in the PKRA world tour.

Exelent conditions, no dents, no scratches, no repairs.

Enough volume to tack even for heavy riders.
New price is about 5500AED, I sell for 2700. incl. 4 G10 fins and boardbag.

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