Takoon Tiki 230x45 with Black pads

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Sellerbenoit rochegude
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Price1,900 AED ( $517.359 )
Posted on12 September 2020

Bought in October 2019. Used a few times, but as you can see on the photos, looks like new. Very nice to learn strapless and footswitch. Reason to sell: i am just spending more time on my foil these days!
Price new: 3000 + shipment and VAT

Big brother of the Alaia, it is distinguished by its new ribs and a more advanced design. It has a scoop, a channel, parabolic rails and a central aileron. Thanks to these features this board will give you a unique sliding sensation.

Fearsome weapon for light winds with a planned start of 8 knots of wind. The Tiki performs just as well in 30 knots of wind. With its small fin it allows to sail in very little water where the foils cannot approach.

Its an easily accessible board, even for those that have never ridden strapless. Once you’ve found the ideal position, depending on your height and weight, the Tiki elegantly slips through the water with awesome capacity for carving upwind.

The 230cm will have for him a better upwind, ideal in lightwind and a character more oriented long distance and speed.

Great for people willing to move to strapless and work on their foot switch and jibes19

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