F-one Fish 5.6 directional

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SellerBernd Verhoeven
Seller's phone0504567416
Price1,000 AED ( $272.294 )
Posted on1 October 2021

F-one Fish 5.6 directional, board comes with fins.

The F-One Fish boards are so good that they are able to generate apparent wind thanks to their sheer speed. Featuring straight rocker lines they can get on the plane very early while their rounded and compact outline offer them really good maneuverability in the surf.
F-One says:
"With their distinct volumes there will be a fit for all kind of riders looking for a light wind and small wave board. For riders below 80kg, the 5’6” is recommended while the 5’10” will be a better for those above 80kg.
The 5’10'' has more volume packed up and will provide more floatability to plane early. The 5’6'' is more playful and manageable."

However I am 95 kg and love the 5.6 as it still goes extremely early and I fly it with 17 or 12 m kites.

I used it strapless, but straps can be mounted if required.

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